Up Local Dial-up Dedicated ISDN Business ADSL Access Policy

Dialup 56K or ISDN 64k/128K

Key Benefits

  • Netguyz offers 56K Modem and ISDN dialup in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Unlike most ISP's we do not limit online time, nor do we cut you off if your idle for more than a few minutes. We do enforce an Unlimited Attended Access Policy Stay on as long as you are actively using your computer.
  • 2 e-mail POP3 accounts.
  • Personal Web Site with 5 meg of disk space for a personal web pages.  (accessible by http://www.tele-base.net/your-id ).
  • Unlimited access to your web site via FTP.


Additional POP3 mailboxes can be purchased for $2.00/month per mailbox.

Payment is by recurring monthly Credit Card.

FrontPage access to you web site is an additional $2.00/month.

If you need more information please contact us.


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