Up Local Dial-up Dedicated ISDN Business ADSL Access Policy


Designed for the company that is serious about the Internet but doesn't have the resources to maintain the systems required. With ADSL from SW Bell and a provided  firewall you get high speed access and  security for your Local Area network. All services such at Web Site, Mail server, and FTP server are hosted on fast, fault-tolerant Windows 2000 servers at the Netguyz facility. All web and mail services are available from anywhere on the Internet.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Dedicated Full Time connection (up to 1.5 meg downstream/128k upstream ADSL from SW Bell)

  • Includes Firewall to keep your local LAN secure from hackers

  • Virtual Web server, Mail server, and FTP server with static IP

  • 50 Meg of Disk space for Web site and FTP site (more available)

  • Web site easy to update using FTP,  FrontPage, or Netguyz Site Manager


  • Domain Name Registration paperwork - We pay domain fee!
    We submit all paperwork required to register your new Domain Name with INTERNIC, the governing body of name registration. This is included with this package and is a $35.00/year value!!

  • Private and Anonymous FTP site (ftp.your-domain.com)
    You have both a private and public area for downloading of documents and files. You can set up private directories that require password access for inter company use.

  • 25 Mailboxes at users@your_domain.com
    Have a mailbox for every one of your employees, or have the mail forwarded (aliased) to their current INTERNET Service Provider mailbox. This  includes unlimited e-mail unlimited e-mail aliasing. All mail related functions (and mailing lists) are administered through an easy to use browser based utility. Detailed info is in the On-Line User Manual. Additional POP3 mailboxes can be purchased for $2.50/month per mailbox.

  • Netguyz does ALL System Administration, or do-it-yourself
    We designed our Virtual Servers to be maintenance free, but you have full control and access to maintain your Web pages and Web Site via a password protected login ID.

  • 50 Megabytes of disk space, enough for hundreds of pages
    More than enough disk space for your entire Web needs. Additional space available.

  • Detailed Report of your Web Server Activity
    Terrific graphical report compiled nightly and accessible by your Web browser. See at sample at http://

  • Unlimited autoresponders and E-mail Aliasing
    Autoresponders allow a prepared file to be returned when someone sends mail to the name of the file. For example, a text file called directions that explain how to get to your office. If someone sends mail to directions@your-company.com, they will receive this file via e-mail without human intervention. E-mail aliasing allows creation of any mail account that will forward to a real mailbox. Examples include sales, info, billing, support, etc. These aliases may forward mail to one or more people. This feature can make your company appear to be huge even if all these departments forward to the same people.

Technical Support available via E-mail or Tele-Phone
Support questions are answered promptly. System status is always available from our main telephone number Voice Menu.

ADSL Internet "BUSINESS" Silver - $149.95/month with a $250.00 setup fee. (1.5 meg downstream/128k upstream) Includes equipment and all monthly fees.

 ADSL Internet "GOLD" - $199.95.00/month with $250.00 setup fee. (1.5 meg downstream/384k upstream) Includes equipment and all monthly fees.

No Long Term commitments! We work harder to keep you as a satisfied customer and a source for future referrals. We can bill by recurring monthly credit card charge or monthly invoice via e-mail. Invoice sent via U.S. Mail available at an additional 1.00/month.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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