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What does Unlimited Attended Access Mean?

  Unlike some ISP's, all our dialup accounts are not metered in terms of total time connected to the Internet or how much you transferred in one month. Tele-Base feels that you should have "As much Internet as you need". This means when you are sitting in front of your computer and actively using your Internet connection you are getting what you paid for. If you leave your computer connected for extended periods of time and are not actively downloading a file or browsing the Internet, we feel this violates our Unlimited Attended Access policy and could warrant your getting bumped off the system. 

  Users have had problems in the past with other providers running out of phone lines and customers were afraid to hang up in fear of not being able to get back on. If users know that there will be a line waiting for them they will not purposely keep a connection open just to ensure they that have access later in the evening. Netguyz works very hard to insure we have adequate capacity and immediately order additional circuits once we reach 85% of our total capacity.


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